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Bridal 2020


About Minerva

The idea of MINERVA, began on Rob´s mind on his senior year (2013) in highschool. It started as the sketch of all the dresses and tuxedos of their fellow classmates, an entretainment. Even though he did not wear any of those dresses, it was something the inspiration on their personalities and tastes that made him love the idea.

Over time the sketches took a little turn to the form of footwear design. Creating one shoe that was unique and different, a concept that would evolve with time. 

But in 2018 was the year Rob found himself in a job gathering, were everyone was talking about their own projects outside of their regular work. And they asked him "What do you do", his mind was directed to those drawings of dresses and shoes that accompany him on notebooks and thoughts. Their answer was nothing but "take them out of the paper and give them life".

And just like that a drawing became a dress, a dress became a passion and that passion became a brand. 


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