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Helping investors and schools transform the future of education

Our Services

We can help you with

taking your school to the next level

Investor Advisory

Helping investors build the next generation of schools

Design + Build

Commercial Positioning

Operational Setup

Operating School

Driving commercial and operational transformation

Commercial Optimization

Corporate Strategy + Governance

Digital Transformation + Fluency

Core Service Efficiency

Growth + Expansion

Our experience

Building outstanding schools

and driving better outcomes for operators




Operating Schools Supported

New Schools Opened

Years of Local Experience

Our Experience

Our value


Our team members have all worked in schools and the head offices of the largest school groups in the world. 

We have a deep understanding of how schools operate and leverage that knowledge to solve your problems faster.


We have an intimate understanding of the GCC education market and the needs and priorities of parents in the region.

We leverage our 15 years of experience and local knowledge to save you both time and money when opening new schools and improving existing ones


We have a deep knowledge of the local regulations and can help guide you in order to avoid costly pitfalls. 

We can put your challenges into a local context and offer solutions based on 15 years of experience building and operating private schools. 


We intentionally design our teams to be small, agile and adaptable to ensure that once engaged, you are working with the most experienced team in the region.

Instead of wasting time learning about the industry before we add value, we hit the ground running and can instantly add value. We can deliver within weeks, instead of months.


We understand the complexities behind how schools operate and ensure our solutions have been tried and tested within a school context

Through our educator first approach, we work closely with school leadership and investors to develop sustainable solutions that align with the vision of every school

Our Value

Our mission

Our mission is to help build and operate the best schools in the world. We do this by supporting investors in the region who are looking to build new schools, and we also support existing schools in the region that want to be more commercially competitive.

We can help you succeed by providing you with the resources you need to model, build, and open new schools—or by helping you manage an existing school so it can be more commercially competitive.


We've done it before; we'll do it again.


We've worked with over 70 existing operating schools, across the last 15 years and built and opened over 40 new schools in the UAE alone—and we've done it all while supporting our Clients' missions of creating world-class learning environments for students.

Our misson

Let's work together

We love working with new Investors and Schools to change the future of Education

Thanks for reaching out!

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