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  • Steven Duke

Designing Minerva

Every time I start a collection I begins with a concept. That concept then transform into research and so goes on. When Minerva Couture began with it's first collection "Eva's Genesis" there was much internal debate in my mind. I had decided that my concept for the collection had to also reflect part of the concept of the brand directly.

As Minerva began to rise so did the first collection. Eva's Genesis was the beginning of the brand and the tip of the arrow. This collection represented woman's journey through history. A history that had placed her in the background and how in the past decades they have made her role in everyone's life. Woman are both strong and delicate. They have power no man will ever have and shouldn't be placed as a second character. As this concept developed my brand started to take a shape too and bloomed into the Minerva's mind set. Minerva would represent a woman that knows that social structures are not gonna bound her.

The idea of Minerva would be a criticism to the society that has decided what is right and what is wrong. It would be a way to speak my mind and express my feelings about the injustice I see every day, in the news, in my work environment, in my life.

Once that was decided, the brand just became alive everything fell into place and Minerva Couture stopped being a concept or dream. It became a part of me and everyone that holds a piece of any of the collections.